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Use the email form to the right, or call us to schedule your next class. Not sure what you want?  We will work with you with no pressure and help you determine what training is best for your needs. 


our most popular firearms courses are the concealed carry class and az ccw certification, and firearms safety classes.  We can also customize a class specifically for you, your group or organization!

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We've expanded our distributor list and are proud to offer ar500 armor products!  we bring you the best in body armor protection, training targets and tactical medical kits.  Check out their site:

we're a proud vendor who offers lower than msrp prices!  Contact us now for special pricing on any ar500 armor products!

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SilentKnight Tactics LLC is a Veteran Owned Small Business (VOSB).
We support the rights and opportunities of our First Responders and those who serve or have served in our beloved Armed Forces.

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