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SilentKnight Tactics LLC is a Veteran Owned Small Business.
We support the rights and opportunities of our First Responders and those who serve or have served in our beloved Armed Forces.

SilentKnight Tactics LLC represents the traditions and mindset of the honorable warrior and the code of standards to which he was held.  He was charged with the responsibility of service to the people, leadership and protection. 

The duty was his to teach and mentor, to develop fearless protectors and uphold the values of his community.  As a faithful follower of God and a humble servant of his people, the art of protection and arms was his true profession. 

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It doesn't matter if you are or are not a first responder, a military member or a private security professional.  The fact is, EVERYONE needs to be prepared.  Here at SilentKnight Tactics, you will find a wide range and variety of training courses, gear and equipment for all experience levels and needs.   Owned and operated by a former law enforcement officer, 20 year military  veteran and private security contractor, our top of the line instruction brings realistic and relevant training to the classroom, urban and field environments.   We just don't teach how to defend, shoot or fight.  We identify the physical and psychological barriers that prevent top performance, and turn it around to your advantage in a progressinve method using experience, lessons learned, statistical data, and individual skills. 

about us.  

Who are we? 

     SilentKnight Tactics, LLC is a nationally mobile protection company that meets your personal, corporate or private security needs.
     SilentKnight Tactics was founded by Roger Medrano, a military veteran of 22 years.  Much of his experience also comes from being a police officer in the Chicagoland area, and his service as a deputy sheriff assigned to a maritime unit. In addition, Roger has been internationally involved as a civilian government contractor and advisor working U.S. national security programs in various capacities.  Currently, while owning and operating SilentKnight Tactics LLC, he is a private maritime security contractor and anti-terrorism specialist in the Pacific region.  He is a certified Advanced Defensive Tactics & Combatives Instructor, Small Arms Instructor, Anti-Terrorism Officer, and Active Shooter Response Specialist.  He is also nationally certified by the NRA's Law Enforcement Division as a handgun and shotgun instructor.  He brings his broad base of experience to this company, the classroom and the range.


"The best defense is a strong offense."

     SilentKnight Tactics LLC provides instruction for the tactical or recreational shooter.  Whether your background is in law enforcement, military, private security, or if you are a concerned citizen, SilentKnight Tactics will heighten your skills to a new level.  Our classes are fully interactive and challenge your abilities while strengthening your fundamentals.  We cater to the civilian populace, offering classes for every member of the family.  In a time and place where the safety of you and your loved ones are often at risk, SilentKnight Tactics empowers you to trust your skills and judgement when it comes time to put them in action.  We offer classes for the concealed carrying individual. 
Safety is our priority.
     We start with the fundamentals and build on them. We understand everyone's individual experiences vary, so we keep our class sizes to a minimum for maximum instructor to student attention.  Though we teach traditionally proven fundamentals, many of our courses are rather unconventional.  However, we will never compromise safety.  Our courses range from a 6 hour basic fundamentals class to advanced 3-day courses of live fire under varying conditions.  All SilentKnight qualified instructors are safety conscious and adhere strictly to our commitment to safety.

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     While keeping your needs our priority, SilentKnight Tactics maintains a fully functional online retail store that provides a wide array of tactical equipment, ammunition, and outdoor adventure gear for campers, climbers, hikers, and hunters.  Are you a survivalist?  We have products for you too!  We provide secure credit card processing, and fast shipping directly from our warehouse straight to your door.  We offer discounts to military, law enforcement, returning shoppers and members of our mailing list.  Make sure to 'Like' the "SilentKnight, LLC" page on Facebook for specials and news.  You can also follow us on Twitter:  @SKTactics

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privacy statement. (We're not called "Silent"Knight for nothing.)

     The information you give to SilentKnight Tactics LLC will be kept private and shall be used strictly for communicating relevant information as stated above, statistical data, communicating special offers, advertisements and other marketing related topics for your benefit.  SilentKnight Tactics LLC will NOT use your information for any other purpose, and will neither sell your information to third parties nor trade or give your information to third parties in exchange for goods or services unless specifically stated in writing by no one else but you.   

logo and company name.

     In the days of the Knight, when the armies were out fighting battles in the name of their kings and Gods, a select few were chosen to stay back to defend and protect their homeland from other armies (foreign or domestic) wishing to conquer them.  These knights, or "protectors of the home", were responsible for the safety of the families of their fellow knights and the safety of those who weren't capable of protecting themselves.  These elite knights were chosen from only the best, since they would be outnumbered should their territories be invaded.  No longer did they have strength in numbers, but the strength they had came from not only their skill, but also from their keen sense and intelligent minds. This earned the trust of the people they protected.  This is what made them elite.
       Today, the protection of the family is the responsibility of anyone who has the ability to protect and defend.  In a day and age where one can carry a sidearm concealed in the name of defense, each individual is a knight of their own kind.  While legally carrying a concealed firearm takes more responsibility than most would accept, it is that silent knight who bears the task and exercises the right to do so.  To carry a firearm in silence so attention is brought to neither oneself nor their loved ones, and to deploy that firearm ONLY in the presence of good judgement and decisive action, is the virtue of a true SilentKnight.  In keeping with that virtue, the phrase "Peritus manus, mens exculta"  was adopted as the motto.  Its Latin meaning translates to "Skilled hands, cultivated mind."
     The Logo:  The SilentKnight Tactics LLC logo is comprised of three elements:  The Sword, Star and Horsehead.  The sword is a symbol of the knight, the intelligent warrior.  It is turned downward to signify the silence of a concealed or holstered weapon ready to deploy.  The star is a symbol of the law, where service and protection is provided as a first response in good faith.  The horsehead is a symbol of strategy and forward thinking.  In the game of chess, it's the only piece that moves unconventionally.  When used correctly it can be used to strategically supress and defeat an opponent.