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Firearms Training


Customized Courses. 

In addition to the courses listed below, we also offer courses specifically designed to meet your needs.  Courses may include topics from basic introduction to firearms to Everyday Carry (EDC).  Contact us for more details.


Firearms Safety

This basic safety refresher class is designed for  the firearm owner as well as any and all members of the household.  Responsibility in storage, accessibility and operation is covered.  This class is also ideal for households with children who are progressing in age where the understanding of the dangers of firearms can be taught.  This is NOT a live fire course, as it is given in a classroom or home setting.


Basic Handgun / Concealed Carry (CCW) Certification

This is a hands-on course in which the students will  learn and demonstrate proper handling and operation of the handgun.  This course introduces the laws governing carrying and the use of handguns, justification in the use of force, and interstate reciprocity. Safety considerations will be established, and skills will be tested on the firing range.  Coaching will be applied to produce well placed shot groups.  Class sizes are held to a minimum to ensure maximum supervision and individual instructor attention.


Advanced Handgun

Students are expected to be fluent in all basic pistol fundamentals prior to registering for this course, as it is a no-nonsense series of courses of fire.  Non-standard firing positions, off-hand shooting, and tactical movement is implemented in this course along with many more live fire drills.  This course is designed to prepare the student for the worst case scenario when encountered with a life or death threat.  Reality-based training is introduced to the student and his or her performance is analyzed and re-introduced into a progressive training program.  


Skills Improvement

This course is for students who have already been through a formal basic course.  The Skills Improvement Course reintroduces the basic fundamentals and sharpens the accuracy, handling and overall tactics when operating a given firearm.  This course is ideal for anyone who hasn't shot in a while, or even for professionals who wish to fine tune their performance for their job.  

Home Defense

SilentKnight Tactics instructors bring the class to your home and will show you  how to best defend your house.  Movement within your dwelling is important for everyone to know in the event of a home invasion.  Teamwork, signaling and safety considerations are brought out for discussion.  Your house is your territory.  Use it to your advantage and keep your family and loved ones safe by implementing a home defense plan.  This is not a live fire course.


Basic Rifle

This course introduces the student to the basic AR-type rifle, highlighting the capabilities, variations and applications.  Much like the basic pistol course, fundamentals are introduced and applied throughout the duration of the course.  Basic Rifle Marksmanship is also included in this course, which includes the zeroing of the rifle and qualifying by shooting a tight shot group at a given distance- perfect for remedial training for those who must qualify with a rifle for job requirements.


Advanced Rifle

Pre-requisite: Basic Rifle (may be waived with demonstrated practical, or documentation of basic proficiency).   
The SilentKnight Advanced Carbine Course builds on all the basic foundations covered in the Basic Carbine Course.  In addition, reality based training is introduced to the student in situations where the student will be required to think and shoot on the move.  This is an extremely unconventional live fire course where the student will be firing from almost every position imagined, behind realistic cover, out in the open, or both while performing tactical reloads throughout the courses of fire.  Repetition will be applied so that the correct actions become second nature. This is offered as a 2-day or 3-day course.

Reflexive Fire:  Handgun/Rifle

Reflexive fire is a tactic that allows an individual to fire a well placed shot at a rather close distance.  In this course, we do not teach 'rapid fire', but more so a method to sharpen the student's instinctive point-and-shoot skills.  By the end of the course the student will be able to engage a close distanced target (or multiple targets) with a well placed shot or group of shots.  Weapons manipulation will be covered as well as transitioning from the primary to secondary weapon systems.  This course is a must for law enforcement or military units.  

Tactical Shotgun

The SilentKnight Tactics Basic Shotgun Course familiarizes the student to the function and applications of the standard 12 gauge shotgun.  The shotgun is one of the most widely available firearms, yet one of the types of firearms that most people are least trained on.  Because of this, our shotgun course covers everything from basic familiarization to tactical deployment and shooting & reloading on the move.  Our instructors will ensure each student is comfortable and proficient in the operation and marksmanship of the most common home defense firearm.  In this course, various types of ammunition loads (00 Buck, slugs, bird shot) will be used.


advanced Defensive tactics / combatives:

Defensive Tactics Instructor Certification

This physically intensive course was originally designed for the military or civilian Law Enforcement Officer (LEO), however it is now open to the general public.  This 40 hour course prepares the student to return to his or her department/unit to instruct others on ground tactics, armed and unarmed confrontations (to include edged weapons), and weapon retention.   Our instructors are mobile, and are fully capable of taking the training to any location.   Students who successfully pass this course will receive a certificate of instructor status, good for two years.


Firearms training:

Focus on Fundamentals


SilentKnight Tactics instruction combines traditional training techniques with state-of-the-art and innovative technology.  The Shot Indicating Resetting Trigger (SIRT) pistol catapults your training into unparalleled territories.  100% inert, this training tool can be safely used anywhere and in what capacity your imagination allows.  The world's best shooters attest that anyone who owns a hand gun needs to train using dry fire techniques.  We couldn't ask for a better tool.  The SIRT pistol enables our instructors to see the movement of the student's gun as the trigger is pulled, identifying many of the possible fundamental deficiencies.  The SIRT pistol is used extensively by our very own SilentKnight Tactics instructors in their own personal training regimens.  Your SilentKnight Tactics training may include the use of the SIRT pistol before, during and/or after your trip to the range, minimizing the costs of ammunition.


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